Gonçalo Salgueiro


Brought up loving music in its most various forms of expression, this “alentejano” from Montemor-O-Novo, carries in himself the feeling of that sad landscape, those nuances that make his Fado and all he sings heralds of a universal feeling.

Still a university student, he was invited by  Isabel Morais to sing at the Navy Museum, in Lisbon, for over 800 Congressmen from all over the world at the "XIV International Association for the Child´s Right to play". From there he went on to "Clube de Fado" and to "Velho Páteo de Sant´Ana" (typical Fado houses).

In 2000/2001, invited by Felipe La Féria, the very young Gonçalo Salgueiro played the part of Eduardo Ricciardi in the musical  "Amália" ,and got noticed for singing "Aïe, mourir pour toi", in a duet with the famous singer Alexandra, that  gained him the respect of the critics and the audience. In that same year, Gonçalo Salgueiro was invited by the great fado singer João Braga to do his tv debut in a live show broadcasted by Tv channel TVI at São Vicente de Fora church, in Lisbon, in memory of Amália Rodrigues, and many tv shows followed… and the RTP International tv channel on the show "Fados de Portugal" introduced Gonçalo Salgueiro’s talent to the world. Then followed several invitations to concerts, shows and special participations in cd recordings: revista (portuguese musical theater); choral music and poetry.


In 2002 Gonçalo Salgueiro records his first solo album "…No Tempo das Cerejas”, the first tribute to Amália Rodrigues from all singers of his generation after her passing, recreating some of Amália´s forgotten fados. Also in 2002, Gonçalo was invited, by the musician/composer José da Ponte, to record the famous song "Lusitana Paixão", the main theme for RTP1 soap opera written by Moita Flores: Lusitana Paixão.

From 2002 until March 2004, invited by actor/director Júlio César, Gonçalo debuts at the prestigious Casino Estoril - Black and Silver Room - in the big and controversial musical show "Egoísta", starring alongside big show business names such as Rita Guerra, Dora and Nana Sousa Dias. Concerts in Europe and USA leads Gonçalo Salgueiro in into a closer contact with the public. The public and the critics are unanimous in acclaiming his extraordinary versatility, emotion, presence and talent.

Gonçalo´s voice is on the top charts in national radio and on the Portuguese radio stations around the world, with particular notability on Rádio Alpha, Paris, and Rádio Amizade, Luxembourg. In 2006, Gonçalo records his second album "Segue a Minha Voz", which has been reissued in 2012 with wonderful previously unpublished duets with Fernanda Maria and Beatriz da Conceição.

In 2007 Filipe La Féria invites Gonçalo Salgueiro to star as Jesus Christ in the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webb and Tim Rice,"Jesus Christ Superstar", the Portuguese primiére of this musical. Debuted at Rivoli Theatre, in Porto, and then Politeama Theater, in Lisbon, always with a sold out houses for more than one year.

In 2009-2010, records is homonymous CD/DVD "Gonçalo Salgueiro" where he presented to us also as an talented author of Fado lyrics.

2011 – Gonçalo is distinguished by SPA -Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (Portuguese Authors Society) in a Fado Gala Tribute.

2010-2012 – Gonçalo Salgueiro is back at Casino Estoril with an outstanding performance in leading roles for new Filipe La Féria musical productions: "Fado - História de um Povo" and "O Melhor de La Féria". This last show was also played for a season in 2013 with a huge sucess in Rivoli Theatre, Porto. Apart from his carreer as a singer / actor Gonçalo Salgueiro is also a versatile record producer, both for national and foreign performers. Still in 2012 Amália Rodrigues Foundation honored Gonçalo Salgueiro in the Amália Rodrigues awards 2012 with the “Tribute to Amália” award, it was the first time that this institution has created and given this prize.

2013 - Gonçalo Salgueiro idealizes the show "Abraço Lusitano" and with the singer Alexandra they premièred in a sold out Lisbon Cinema São Jorge, this show was received in the best and most important theaters auditoriums and Casinos across the country. At the same time Gonçalo is doing his solo concerts around the country and abroad.

2014 / 2015 - In addition to his solo performances Gonçalo Salgueiro develops another grand project, this time in partnership with renowned international soprano Elena Mosuc. In a unique and unprecedented combination between Fado, Opera and Musical - OPERFADO - accompanied by fado musicians, orchestras and choirs, whose tour had its debut in Romania with full houses and critical abundantly generous! These shows where even compared to the great performances of Freddy Mercury and Montserrat Caballé. In its most recent presentation, September 14 in Iasi, OPERFADO reached attendance records with nearly 15.000 viewers!

Gonçalo Salgueiro also accepted the challenge of participating in "Aire, Fuego and Deseo" poetic-musical project of the spanish poet Juan Carlos García Hoyuelos, in honor of the 96.000 people who saved Jewish Iberian language in its 500 years of existence, giving voice the theme "Não há um dia ", the music was composer Salvador Garcia Perez and the performer of flamenco guitar Mariano Mangas. Also in September, Gonçalo Salgueiro is invited to head the prestigious Caixa Alfama festival where about 40 Fado artists participated, giving a memorable concert on the main stage of the event with an enthusiastic and engaged public.


In February 2015  he starts rehearsals for another musical by  Filipe La Feria "The night of a thousand stars" at the Casino Estoril, where he plays different themes from the musical Evita, chançon francaise  of the 50s,  the pop  music of Antonio Variations , to fado and opera! a major challenge in a spectacle with sold out houses since its debut in April 2015.

On September 19th Gonçalo Salgueiro sings  in the "CAIXA ALFAMA 2015 FADO FESTIVAL " ,in the Church of S.Miguel de Alfama in Lisbon.


On the 30th of the same month he performs at the prestigious Bérnard Theater of the Zurich Opera in Switzerland where he obtains the following reviews to its performance:


"On September 30, 2015 the artist Gonçalo Salgueiro performed alongside the world-class soprano, Elena Mosuc, a Fado night at the renowned Zurich Bérnard Theater and showed the public why he is considered the most passionate voice in Portugal.  The singer interpreted the melancholic songs of his country and in all , he  gave  "goose bumps " to the audience .

With his expressive and "soulful" singing he entered completely into the soul of the listeners. And once again showed that music knows no language barriers. Almost without the presence of Portuguese in the crowded hall everyone understood the message of Gonçalo, who can carry, like the great artist that he  is ... emotions like no other.

He is also blessed with an impressive vocal range, one of his great advantages, especially when he dropped the microphone, continued to sing and filled the entire room without amplification.

Gonçalo Salgueiro seems to have been born for the stage and of each concert  he makes a unique and unforgettable event.


Anyone who has experienced it wants to do it again. The opera / fado combination that Salgueiro and Mosuc brought to the Bérnard Theater is pure pleasure and unique in the world.

Thank you, Gonçalo, for bringing your fado to Zurich and thus enriched our lives. "URSULA BURGHERR –Journalist.


In 2016 Gonçalo Salgueiro and after the conclusion of the recordings of his next cd, he performs on June 3th at the festival "CAIXA RIBEIRA" in Porto .


On the 8th of the same month he returned to Switzerland to perform for the second time in the Berrich Theater in Zurich.


On January 21, 2017 Gonçalo Salgueiro performs for the first time in Canada at the Portuguese Cultural Center of Mississauga.


On March 3th, 2017, he released his fourth solo CD "Sombras e Fado".


On May 12, 2017, at the invitation of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, he  performed at Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb, Croatia, at Tango & Fado.


On June 28th,  invited by  Radio Amália, he  headlines at the Fado concert "Fados a Nossa Senhora" at the Church of S. João de Brito, in Lisbon.


On June 24th 2017  , he returns for the third time to the prestigious Bérnard Theater in Zurich for another traditional Fado and piano recital .


On September 17, 2017  at the invitation of the “ Fado Festival Caixa Alfama 2017” Gonçalo Salgueiro performs the Church of S. Miguel in Alfama, to a sold out house .


On 14th October he presented the  solo Album "Mãe" at the Ferin bookshop.

An album with fourteen tracks, nine of which with lyrics of his own, in a declared homage to the passing of his mother.


On November 17, 2017 Gonçalo Salgueiro takes  the stage of one of the most prestigious concert halls in Portugal , themain hall of “  Centro Cultural de Belém “(There is Fado on the Pier).

A full house and a concert considered the best Fado concert 2017 .


About Gonçalo Salgueiro was written:


musicologist Rui Vieira Nery:

"... its a very special voice, one of the most beautiful voices that have appeared in recent years in fado" and further he states "... it breaks the usual stereotype posture of the traditional male fado singer of Faia - creating instead - an innovating and daring image in his performances."


musicologist and critic Costin Popa

"... Gonçalo Salgueiro is an exceptional Fado peformer, portuguese traditional folk song, worthy successor to the famous Amália Rodrigues (...) intense emotional experience, depth of soul and powerful expressiveness, Salgueiro's voice reveals a rare sensitivity in disturbing and melancholic melodies, of extreme sadness, pain and consolation. Fado is a mystery that moves the spirit and Gonçalo express it directly and very well, with dedication and passion in multiple vocal inflections and nuances with beautiful coloratura ... ".


romania TVR director Alex Vasiliu

"... the young Gonçalo Salgueiro presence on stage is admirable. With a clean, comforting, gentle, strong, intense voice, whether in expression or in interpretation and feeling, with rich vocal ornamentation in perfect dramatic, cheerful and lyrical melismas. An excellent rhythmic moderator performer who conquers the public immediately. A vocal range, supporting the passages with melodic phrases in the upper register are qualities that allow the young singer to think about the prospect of even playing opera characters... ".


journalist Anca Florea

"... The nostalgia and magic of the love songs, sometimes sad, sometimes sentimental, full of passion, brought by Gonçalo Salgueiro, whose pleasant tenor voice overflows of ornaments, coloratura, with chilling emotions and particular inflections of huge effect, win the admiration of the many who listen to him, and discover a special world which, a few years ago, was revealed by the memorable Amália Rodrigues... ".


journalist and University teatcher Joaquim Letria

"... The Fado is in very good hands. Gonçalo Salgueiro proves it without a mandate of the young generation of which he is one of the exponents. With a very unique feeling, expressed in the virtuosity with which he  sings,  voice of  great generosity and at the same time, with a surprising maturity, Gonçalo Salgueiro, brings  innovation and  continues to navigate courageously into a new image that he gives to  fado and to the difference that Rui Vieira Nery told  us when of   Gonçalo’s first solo album. When he chooses to recreate music and words of others, or when going for some of the most difficult of the greatest songs of fado he always delivers even when he sometimes plunges into the beauty of his own poetry, Gonçalo Salgueiro shows consistency with rich coherent choice in singing and poetic word, while ensuring the difference he always maintains tradition, towards a daring future ... "


journalist and critic Brigitte Mariollat

“Elegance. It is the first word that comes to us when we are listening to Gonçalo Salgueiro. We can’t forget his voice after hearing him. The young singer as distinguished himself as a brilliant Fado singer. He is Portuguese and in his country this music, that comes from the soul, is a national symbol. Amália Rodrigues is the most famous Fado singer in the world, and it is precisely this legend that inspired Gonçalo, to dedicate himself to Fado. But the young artist is more than a talented Fado singer, he is also a brilliant performer. He has a perfect vocal technique, an impeccable phrasing, and a very strong and convincing acting on stage.  His love for music has led him to share the stage with a world class Opera singer, Elena Mosuc, for a series of concerts that combines Fado with the Lyrical Art. In these performances, with a powerful and seducing voice, Gonçalo Salgueiro has shown that he was equal to sing with an Opera Star. This young man deserves the recognition of a larger public. He has a great talent and a great heart.”